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Pricing Guide

As all our buildings are bespoke and, therefore, unique we don't have a definitive price list for our Garden Buildings, although we are very competitively priced for the quality of our work.

As a pricing guide, please see our Offices page.

Stilted Houses

Stilted Wendy Houses (please see Cock-A-Hoop! ) can be increased in size to accommodate adult use.  For example an 8ft wide x 8ft depth cabin with an 8ft x 4ft verandah would cost from £3,150 (excluding delivery and VAT).

A stilted building 12ft wide x 7ft depth with 12ft x 5ft depth verandah would cost from £4,750 (excluding delivery and VAT).

Garden Sheds

We have a standard Garden Shed which we offer with two choices of roof finish.   Both Sheds have double doors, treated feather edge cladding, chipboard flooring and fixed glass windows on one side and are 8' x 10' in size (2.44m x 3.05m).  The cost is £1,198 for a felt tiled shed (with choice of colour tiles) or £990 for a green mineral felt roof (both prices exclude delivery and installation - they are available as self assembly if preferred).

Bike Storage Shed, London Enough to house 4 bikes. 2m wide x 1.9m deep with felt tiled roof and lockable double doors.

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A similar building would cost c. £978 + delivery