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Pricing Guide

As all buildings are handmade to order we can accommodate any size of building you wish. As a guide to our pricing we have listed some example sizes below. If you require alternative dimensions please call us for a no obligation quotation.

Please note all our prices are inclusive of apex roof, 3ft lined overhang and front guttering, painted steel skids or wooden pressure treated timber skids, kickboards and roof lining. Sadolin wood stain preservative is standard although purely aesthetic as the timber is pressure treated timber for durability.

Unlike the majority of our competitors we construct our panels to 400mm to centre (as opposed to 600mm) for extra strength using 19mm x 126mm shiplap (as opposed to 16mm x 120mm). We use galvanized reversible cup hinges, which are stronger, throughout. All doors are heavy duty with anti-chew strips. If you require a more basic, single pitch, shelter, please call us for a quotation.  Clear panels in the roof may be added if you require, at no extra charge.

Our prices are not the cheapest on the market but all our buildings are built to last by hand.  There is more timber in our buildings than most of our competitors.

All prices are exclusive of delivery and VAT

Mobile Field Shelter prices include Apex Roof and 3ft Overhang.  Please contact us for Shelters with single pitch and Fixed Shelter prices.

Mobile Field Shelters (Painted Steel Skids)
10ft x 12ft (3m x 3.6m) £1,875
10ft x 14ft (3m x 4m) £2,125
12ft x 12ft (3.6m x 3.6m) £2,150
12ft x 20ft (3.6m x 6m) £3,000
12ft x 24ft (3.6m x 7.3m) £3,625

Mobile Field Shelters (Pressure Treated Wooden Skids)
10ft x 12ft (3m x 3.6m) £1,625
12ft x 20ft (3.6m x 6m) £2,562
12ft x 24ft (3.6m x 7.3m) £3,000

Stables - includes 3ft overhang, front guttering & Heavy Duty Stable Doors
14ft x 12ft (4m x 3.6m) £2,200 (additional Stable £1,794)
12ft x 12ft (3.6m x 3.6m) £1,900 (additional Stable £1,495)
12ft x 10ft (3.6m x 3m) £1,740 (additional Stable £1,300)
15ft x 15ft Corner Box (4.6m x 4.6m) £2,500

Tack Room
8ft x 12ft (2.4m x 2.6m) £1,320
6ft x 12ft (1.8m x 2.6m) £1,120

Internal Stable Partitions - Wood panels with painted steel grills (excluding fitting.)
12ft Front with half stable door and shiplap £487
12ft Divider with steel grills and OSB £375
End Panel with steel bars and shiplap £438

Optional Extras
Centre Partition £150
6ft Metal Gates (to fit Field Shelters etc.) £120
Stable Door Kit £250
Half Stable Door £120
Tack Room Door £160
Window with Grille £110

Oak Front Garage and Storage Barn

Nutbourne Barn
8.4m x 5.6m Barn. Feather edge clad with Oak front and braces and tiled roof.

Cost c. £17,000. Please call us for more information.